Prodigy Writes Resonating New Fiction of Heroic Adventure in the Wild

Twelve-year-old Reena Bakir gives us the story of “HOPE,” a hybrid wolf leader who would become a legend of a hundred generations


Born on a mountain from a wolf mother and a husky father, Hope is an orphan of a month and a half when he is found nearly frozen to death by a human. HOPE by Reena Bakir is the fascinating new tale of how this hybrid orphan grows up under human care but is picked out by fate to live a life strangely dissonant from the rest of the pack. Through this unique vantage, Reena Bakir spins a resonating tale of heroic adventure.

Dan, the human who saved Hope (and gave him his name) gives a foreshadowing of what Hope would become when, from experience working on the dog farm, he touts the young pup as somebody who would grow up to be a leader. Hope, then, has the characteristics of an Alpha male shining through the ice-cold, wet shivers of his hungry young body. In the prologue itself, the reader gets the initial idea when Hope’s mother thinks of how special her offspring would be, being the only pup in the litter. On the farm (the pup sanctuary) where Dan has taken him to, Hope displays his leadership qualities early on - his strength, intelligence and reflexes are better than all of his friends in his age group. Perhaps it is the influence of human care in the farm for working dogs (raised and trained to carry loads and pull sleds).One more thing that distinguishes him from the rest is a thinking, practical conscience affirmed by a strange episode with a snow leopardess who tells him how kind and trustworthy he is. The wild wolves, bears, and other denizens of The Snowy Forest have seen and observed these amazing qualities of Hope’s. 

The spark in the pup’s ocean-blue eyes has turned brighter and brighter with the passing months. As the bonds with his human and sanctuary friends grew stronger, he had never imagined the day he’d have to leave it all behind. But the leopardess finds him again after that first strange meeting and by following her, he heard the most magnificent howls of the wolves of a hunting pack. It spoke to him of freedom and choosing to live how he saw fit. When Hope is faced with a choice of survival or comfort, what would he choose? What, among the many virtues and bonds that have been given to him, would he have to give up to fulfill his dreams?

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About the Author 
Reena Bakir is a twelve year old student who is passionate about animals, especially wolves. She has great respect for nature and living creatures which is manifested clearly throughout her stories. Her stories spread great joy and morals to readers of her age and older. 

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